About the event

On 27–28 of February, 2018, Kazan will host the 5th International Research and Practice Conference - ITS Forum - Kazan “Modern problems of life safety: intelligent transport systems and situation centers”.


During this event the conference halls of Korston Hotel will serve a meeting point for Russian and foreign specialists, scientists, engineers and developers who work in the field of ITS and situation centers and aim to air, share and discuss the promising areas of development and achieved results in the area of integration of telecom technologies, automated interplay of road network infrastructure objects, operation of cargo and passenger terminals, vehicles and road users.

The organizers of the conference: the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Tatarstan, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan, the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan, state corporation “Rostec”, “National Telematic Systems” group of companies, LLC “RT-Invest”, state budget organization “Road Traffic Safety”, state budget organization “Scientific Center for Life Safety”, regional public organization “Tatarstan association of road traffic safety veterans”, Ertico ITS Europe.

The conference will also include “Hackathon” – the contest, held on the grounds of ITIS Higher School of Kazan Federal University, shall feature the ITS related R&D works, run and conducted by students.



Paper template

1. Papers must be original, not previously published.

2. The content and structure of the text should include (if applicable) the following elements:

  • the problem (a question that is addressed in the article);
  • the scientific exposition with introduction to the problem;
  • the analysis of existing methodological approaches in solving the problem;
  • research part;
  • scientific argumentation & theory proving;
  • overall results of the study;
  • bibliography.

The article should be written in the form understandable not only to specialists in the field, but also to a wide range of readers interested in the topic. This shall require additional explanation of the specialized scientific terminology.

3. The size of the paper - from 4 to 15 pages.

4. The text:

  • Font: Times New Roman, size - 14, spacing - at least 18;
  • Page parameters: top, left fields - 2,5 cm; right, bottom  - 2 cm, without hyphenation; indentation – 1, 25 cm, width adjustment line.
  • Structure: left top of the page - UDC, the title - in the center, bold capital letters 14 fonts below - author information (name and initials of authors, academic degree, title, institution, city, country);

The paper should contain a brief abstract not exceeding 5 sentences and 10 keywords.

The headline, author’s data, annotation, keywords must be in Russian and English.

5. The article should contain references at the end (a full bibliographic description of sources) in alphabetical order.

6. It is recommended to send images as separate files; the file title must correspond with the number of the picture in the article.

7. The organizing committee reserves the right to select and edit materials, without entering into correspondence with the author. The Organizing Committee does not review submitted materials and will not return them to their authors.

8. The articles of graduate students and applicants must be provided in printed form signed by scientific advisor.

The program of the conference (plenary and breakout sessions) will be presented after the assessment of all submitted articles.

The main topics of the conference

The main topics of the conference:

  • Situational centers: present and future
  • Road safety and traffic management
  • Transport systems in big cities and regions
  • Intermodal and multimodal freight systems
  • Automated Roads, Automated Management, Automated Driving
  • Parking management
  • Mobile applications
  • GLONASS/GPS systems and transport
  • Big data and open data
  • Cloud computing
  • Data storage
  • Education and ITS
  • Information security
  • Role of ITS in digital economics

Cost of participation

Full-time participation with the publication of an article including:

- coffee break at the venue

- lunch

- participant’s folder

- collection of articles

is 150 €

We invite organizations to participate in exhibition, which shall be organized in STRBC «Korston», Kazan, 1A Ershova str., the Republic of Tatarstan.

The cost of exhibition space starts at 180 €. for an area of 4 sg.m.

Payment details:

Business name: Regional Public Organization «Tatarstan Republican Union of Road Safety Veterans»

TIN 1659061021

KPP 165901001

Bank account details:

Set. Acc. 40703810500020000269

Corr. Acc. 30101810000000000805

BIK 049205805 in PAO “Ak Bars” Bank, Kazan.

Purpose of payment: «Conference participation: (Full name of participant)»

The expenses related to travel, meals (except for lunch served for participants), accommodation and other are covered by participants and their organizations

Terms of participation

The conference welcomes all companies, institutions and individuals interested in issues addressed.

The event will be held in STRBC «Korston», 1A N. Ershova street, Kazan, the Republic of Tatarstan.

The deadline for submission of articles and application forms is November 20, 2017 (e-mail: itsforum.tatarstan@gmail.com,  mnpk2016@gmail.com) Forms & papers sent after the deadline will not be accepted.

Applications and articles should be presented in accordance with the requirements and should be available in electronic form in an achieve file (zip), with the name of the first author as the filename (Arabic numerals) (e.g., Ivanov I.zip, Smith.zip etc).

 Please wait for confirmation of its acceptance by the organizing committee.

All articles will be published in author's edition; a collection will be provided to each participant.

Contact details

Organizing Committee: 

Farrachov Ildar    +7-927-438-99-09

Dagaeva Mariya  +7-904-664-71-76

Fax:  +7(843) 5-333-774

e-mail: mnpk2016@gmail.com 


site:    www.kazan-its.ru

420059, Kazan, 5 Orenburgsky trakt, office № 407

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