Video enforcement center of

The State Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate of

The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan


The video enforcement center of the road police of Tatarstan was established by Order #796 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Republic of Tatarstan. The premise was constructed as part of the reconstruction of the garage building of the road police. The total area of the Center is 3800 sq.m.

The center deals with handling the data, transferred from numerous enforcements systems, both stationary and mobile, which are used throughout the Republic of Tatarstan. The main processing of video recording materials is carried out in the operating room of the Center. The room is capable of providing a total of 250 working places, the current workload is 30-35 operators shift, two shifts a day.

Video enforcement today provides the majority of registered road traffic violations.
The following systems are currently in use:
• 2 mobile photo radar complexes "KRIS" P;
• 143 stationary single-band detectors "CRIS" C;
• 350 stationary detectors (247 control zones) of the Avtodoriya system;
• 57 stationary multipurpose complexes "Cordon";
• 5 stationary “Strelka-ST” complexes;
• 4 five-band stationary complexes "Robot";
• 21 mobile devices "Parkon";
• 24 stationary detectors "Parkon" C;
• 20 intersections are equipped with the system "Auto Uragan";
• 1 stationary complex "Odyssey";
• 1 fixed “Azimut” complex;
• 9 multipurpose mobile complexes “Poliskan”;
• 54 multipurpose mobile complexes "Cordon" M2

• 112 multipurpose mobile complexes "Cordon Temp";

The above-mentioned trace the following violations:

- speed limit exceeding;

- red light movement;

- A-lane movement;

- stopping on the A-lane;

- stop and parking in the area of traffic signs, which forbid these actions;

- driving in the lane intended for opposite traffic direction;

- driving to railway crossing at the red light;

- pedestrian crossings control.

400 imitation devices were also installed on the territory of the Republic (183 in Kazan, 217 – in other areas); they are aimed at forcing the drivers with radar-detectors to reduce the speed. Additionally, 200 imitation devices of Avtodoria perform the same function.