Practical platform

Center of road accidents registration

In 20.02.2017 a new social project Center of road accidents registration was launched into trial operation. The center works on base of car dealer KAN-Auto, Kazan, Sibirskiy trakt str., 52.

The total area of the center is 500 square meters; it consists of a waiting room, offices of experts, traffic police workers, and representatives of insurance companies.

The road accidents registration is carried out in the center in comfortable conditions. At the initial stage there is a preliminary expert evaluation of damage and, depending on its amount, registration of road accident is, which is carried out according to the scheme of the European accident report or to paragraph 2.6.1 of SDA. In a hall there are places for independent registration (filling and printing out of the notice of road accident), and the operators rendering service of registration of the notice. When making a registration of the accident according to the European standard, completed and signed by the parties notifications are transmitted to the representatives of insurance companies (under presence condition), or are showed off on hands to the participants of the accident. When registrating an accident according to p. 2.6.1 of SDA, the participants, after registration of the notice, are addressed to the traffic police worker office to complete the procedure. The objectives of the center are: removal of tension in the registration of road accidents, qualified fixing of damage received by vehicles for the correct filling of documents, improvement of financial literacy of the population and development of the quality of public services in the field of public and insurance services.