Autonomous noncommercial organization of higher education

«Innopolis University»


The University of Innopolis – a Russian institute of higher education, which specializes in teaching and research in the field of information technology and robotics. It was founded in 2012 and is located in the first Russian city for IT-specialists, bearing the same name, at the confluence of two rivers - the Volga and Sviyaga.

The "Smart City" concept, adopted as development plan of the area, helps to organize the infrastructure, business, education, city services and life of residents in effective and comfortable manner.

The Innopolis University provides occupation for 81 professors and researchers from the best universities of the world, such as:

University of Carnegie Mellon (USA), Swiss Higher Technical School of Zurich, National University of Singapore, University of Amsterdam (Netherlands), Korea Institute of Advanced Technology, Milan Technical University (Italy), EURECOM Institute (France).

The University has a robotics laboratory (more than 800 m2), where one can get an insight into development and functioning of various robots, such as:

- Industrial robots of the company "CUCA" (including collaborative, designed to work with people);

- rope robot (methods of large -scale cargo relocation);

- large anthropomorphic robot (on which students practice walking algorithms and interaction with humans) and four small humanoid robots capable of performing various collective, coordinated actions;

- KIA e-vehicle, which, for the demonstration purposes will be equipped with appropriate devices for autonomous driving;

- robot "Gagarin", quadrocopter, etc.


Information on current works, projects and future research in robotics will also be presented during the tour.