XXI century is time, when information technologies have made a huge step forward. High technologies became an essential part of our life. By this time it had been expexted that flyin cars, technological singularity and other things would appear. However, cars still don't fly and, moreover, they are a main reason of hourly traffic jams in big cities. And it is found to be a real problem for people.

 Annually Higher school of ITIS in cooperation with Road safety state  institution and Scientific center of vital activity safety organize an "Intelligent transport systems" hackathon, where participants develop prototypes, estimated by  expert judges.The most ingenious developers from all over the Republic of Tatarstan are going to offer their breakthrough ideas in the field of intelligent transport systems.The main goal is to generate and embody their idea, that is able to change transport infrastructure of the city and make it safer.

 Main subjects of hacatons' projects:
*Mobile application All transport Kazan
*Human mobility in the city
*Unmanned transport
*Rapid response systems
*Есо transport
*The video surveillance system integrated with traffic flows

To become a participant of the hackathon you should send an application of your idea, which will be estimated by experts.If your project satisfies all the requirements, it passes into the full-time stage.The most powerful 10 – 15 teams, which could offer their ideas for development intelligent transport systems, will participate in full-time stage.Full-time stage lasts exactly 24 hours.During this time, teams are developing prototypes of their projects, and then present them to the experts.After that experts evaluate all projects and choose the most powerful one.

Each year participants show a high level  of their projects.Guys with a Smart-insurance project took the first place on the last hackathon in October.They developed a bracelet, based on skin galvanic reaction, which analysis a driver behavior.Also VR helmet projects, robots, applications for visually impaired people and a bunch of other ideas were represented there.

During the period of the ITS hackatons lasts more than 50 applications were submitted, more than 120 students and young scientists became participants, 18 specialists in the field of ITS were involved as experts.One hackathon's project was successfully inculcated in the Kazan urban system.